5 Common Dog Tricks You Can Teach Your Pet | Image from Pexel.

5 Common Dog Tricks You Can Teach Your Pet

5 Common Dog Tricks You Can Teach Your Pet

Not only can teaching your dog tricks keep them entertained, but it also helps to fortify your relationship with them. Bringing a dog into your life not only brings happiness and company but also offers a chance for bonding through training and mental stimulation.

5 Common Dog Tricks You Can Teach Your Pet | Image from Pexel.
5 Common Dog Tricks You Can Teach Your Pet | Image from Pexel.

5 Common Dog Tricks You Can Teach Your Pet

1. Sit

Sitting on command is one of the easiest yet most important dog tricks to teach your dog. This method serves as the basis for many more commands and actions. 

To teach your dog to sit, follow these steps:

  • While your dog is standing, place delicious treats close to their nose. 
  • Holding the treat close to your dog’s nose, make a move with your palm over his head. 
  • As soon as he sits, praise him and give him the treat.

2. Handshakes

A cute trick to demonstrate your dog’s social abilities and readiness to engage with people is the handshake. 

To teach your dog to shake hands, follow these steps: 

  • With your palm facing up, extend your fist to roughly chest height for your dog. 
  • To get to the treat, your dog should instinctively paw at your fist. 
  • When they do, extend your hand, present the treat to them, and shower them with compliments. 
  • It will take multiple attempts to get your dog to “get it.”

3. Stay

Teaching your dog to stay is an important command that can prevent mishaps and keep them safe in a variety of settings. Here’s how:

  • Show your dog a hand signal by putting your palm in front of it and making a ‘stop’ sign. 
  • Allow a few seconds before rewarding your dog with the treat. 
  • After saying “stay,” give it to them. 
  • It’s critical to give your dog its reward while they’re still in the down position, not after they’ve stood up.

4. Roll Over

A fun trick that takes a little more coordination from your dog is rolling over. Your dog can learn to roll over quickly if you are patient and provide them with good reinforcement. 

Follow these steps to teach your dog to roll over: 

  • To train your dog to roll over, first have them lie down. 
  • Then, encourage them to lie on their side, place a treat next to their nose and gradually move it to the side of their head, then towards their shoulder. 
  • When they comply, praise them and give them their reward. 
  • Before proceeding to other tricks, practice this a lot.

5. Fetch

Fetching is a traditional activity that gives your dog excellent physical exercise. It takes time and practice to teach your dog to fetch. 

Here are the steps to teach your dog fetch: 

  • Have your dog “hold” the toy for you. Give them a quick applause when they pick it up. 
  • Start very gradually increasing the distance away from you where you place the toy – just a few inches at a time. 
  • At this point, you can start to introduce a new verbal cue, like “get it” or “fetch.”

3 Treats You Can Use While Doing Dog Tricks

1. Chewy and Soft Treats

Treats that are soft and chewy are ideal for training sessions since they are convenient and tasty. These treats are perfect for regular treats without overfeeding your dog because they are simple to split into little pieces. 

Furthermore, because of their soft texture, dogs can easily digest them rapidly, which helps to maintain the flow of the training session.

2. Homemade Treats

Giving your dog homemade goodies gives you complete control over the contents and caliber of the snacks your dog receives. Homemade treats allow you to tailor to your dog’s preferences while eliminating the dangerous ingredients found in store-bought treats. 

3. Dried Treats

Freeze-dried treats are a quick and wholesome way to train your dog. To preserve the flavor and nutrients, the raw components are frozen and the moisture is subsequently removed using a dehydration process. 

During training sessions, freeze-dried treats can be quite stimulating for your dog because they frequently have a strong scent that attracts their attention.

Final Thoughts

Teaching a dog a trick or two improves not just your dog’s intellect and obedience but also your relationship with them. You can make enduring memories with them by providing them with the correct treats and positive reinforcement.

Certain tricks may never be learned by some dogs. Don’t worry if this applies to your dog; each dog is special in their own way. Depending on what interests them, you might teach them more tricks. 


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