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Colleen Stephens Hoyumpa
I would highly recommend Off Leash training. What made me even consider this was moving from a house with a big backyard into an apartment. Safety became a big concern. My little doggie (who is an adult rescue from the Humane Society) was used to going out into a fenced backyard to being on a leash three times a day. There’s a lot of traffic in my apartment complex and the dog area is not fenced. There are also a lot of distractions like cats (who roam freely), other dogs, kids etc. I was worried that Hermes might become injured or me chasing after him! Now that he has had the two week board and train with Bill & George I feel much more at ease knowing that I have provided a safer way for us to enjoy our walks. Not only have they removed the stress from my life but I now have a doggie with manners!! I love the video updates on Hermes progress and how quickly they answered my questions. It was easy to schedule training and make payment. The trainers always sound excited when you hear them on the video. Hermes had a very comfortable place to stay and was well taken care of. Thank you sooo much Bill & George!!

Marisabel Hossack
Ok folks. If you’re reading this review that means you’re ready for a big commitment (time, money and follow through) with the expectation of RESULTS! And that is precisely what you’ll get!
My 2-year old shih tzu Tex weighs in at a whopping 12 pounds. Sure he’s super cute and has that adorable panda face, but he also has (ahem HAD*) a range of issues, most worrisome, human aggression. He barked/lunged at all strangers, hated kids/the postman, hated anyone else in our hallway – okay he hated EVERYONE except my husband and I. He also had food aggression/guarding issues. He bit me once pretty badly on the foot in an attempt to guard his food. Tex barely listened to us (only if we had treats) and we had serious fears he would bite a stranger if we were not constantly controlling him. We were “getting by” by avoiding his triggers (wouldn’t have people over at the house, we would give him his food in an isolated place, etc.) With a baby due in April, it was getting down to the wire to either A) fix Tex’s behavior or B) Give him to my mom, which would absolutely break my heart.
Bill and his dedication to Tex was truly a blessing for our family. Tex now LISTENS to us (something we could previously only dream about). He sits, heels, goes to a place, goes into a down position and spits out things when we command him to. It’s amazing.
Example #1: NOW we can eat dinner at the table in peace! We simply put Tex in a down position away from the table and we can eat our meal without worrying if he’s under the table, jumping on us and/or begging.
Example #2: We are able to walk around in public without worry that he will attack someone. Just yesterday, we took Tex to Southtown and walked with him off-leash in a heel past many different people. We NEVER would have been able to do that previously. We also sat at a restaurant in Southtown and had a meal with him there (waiter obviously coming back and forth) with no issues.
Example #3: I had a vase with flowers wilting that fell on the floor. Tex tried to eat one and I simply gave him the OUT command and he spat it out!! Previously, this would have been me chasing him around the house, trying to grab him and probably resulted in him biting my hand in the process.
Example #4: Tex would aggressively bite boxes previously (fear of mailman and these “suspicious” packages that the mailman would leave at the door). Now Tex walks by boxes and doesn’t even bat an eye.
These are just a few examples of how his behavior has improved. Bill has a very unique, strong talent and dedication that WORKS!!! Throughout the entire 2 weeks, Bill communicated with us daily to share Tex’s progress. We received texts, phone calls and videos throughout. At the end of the two weeks during the turnover, Bill walked my husband and I through how to train Tex and maintain his amazing transformation. I will continue to send video updates of the new and improved Tex.
Bottom line: If you want results, Bill with Off-Leash Training will make that happen.

Jerrod Smith
Bill is a great trainer with tons of knowledge. He is easy to talk to and works with you to ensure the best outcome for the dog. He is also honest and straight forward about what to expect. I highly recommend this training! Denali owners.

Katie Smith
Bill and Off Leash K9 is amazing. Denali is listening to commands better. I never thought I would be able to walk her of leash or she would ever listen to me and she is! We are very pleased we put her into the 2 week board and train! Thank you for everything Bill!

Rachel Hansen
It has been a little over a month since we picked up our yorkie, Shadow from a 2 week board and train with Bill and it was worth every dollar. His first week home was hard and he tested us all the time but we stuck to Bill’s advice and he listens great now. I don’t have to worry about taking him out and he behaves so well most people don’t even notice him until he is right in front off their faces. Bill even checked up on us a few times during the first couple weeks to help with the transition. I can’t say thanks enough. Thank you Bill and Off-Leash K9!

Tyra Harris
LoKei my 6 month old pit bull puppy. Was full of uncontrollable energy and an extremely strong playful bit. We just completed our basic obedience classes and I see a complete change in LoKei. Bill is a great trainer, the results with LoKei were evident since the very first session.

Joanna Bacon
Molly was an energetic 6 month old lab when we dropped her off with Bill Thomas for a 2 week board and train in late October. She had a hard time with jumping, nipping, eating socks, and her energy level was off the charts. We picked her up this past Sunday and are amazed at the results. She has become a great family dog who is eager to please and loves our training time together. Bill took great care of Molly and you can truly see his love for dogs. We highly recommend Bill and his amazing skills.

Skip Arnold
Bottom line up front… Bill and Off-Leash K9 Training provide an excellent service with amazing results!
We brought a rowdy, and ill behaved (but lovable) seven and half month old Black Lab named Opie to Bill the first part of November for the two-week board and train program. What we got back two weeks later is an obedient dog that loves to train and is eager to please. It has only been a couple of days since Opie came home and he is still testing us a little (just like Bill said he would) but Bill armed my wife and me with the knowledge we need to help Opie along and reinforce the great training and skills that Bill provided him. Another plus during the training, Bill was in touch with us every day with texts, emails and videos to keep us updated on Opie’s progress which we greatly appreciated. When we picked Opie up, Bill spent almost three hours with us, patiently answering our questions and showing us how to get the most from our newly reformed dog. The service Bill and Off Leash K9 Training provides is nothing short of awesome and well worth every penny. We highly recommend Bill and will absolutely call on him again. Thanks Bill for molding Opie into a dog we can be very proud of for years to come!!

Jean Arroyo
I sent my 7 month old german shepherd Ace to a 2 week board and train. Bill did an amazing job sculpting Ace into an out of this world puppy. The things he can do now are mind-blowing! Sadly a couple days after I picked up Ace from Bill he got ran over by a car..but Ace is a tank and you should see the poor car. Bill came to check up on Ace at the vet and has been there checking in since I dropped him off nearly a month and a half ago. I’m grateful to have sent my pup to a great trainer and person.

LLya V. Ryaboy
Off-Leash K9 Training with Bill Thomas is an excellent company. My wife and I hired Bill to do a 2-week board and train with our dog mostly for her anxiety and fearfulness issues, particularly around children and around other dogs. Bill put our minds at ease with his obvious experience and professionalism; the man knows and loves dogs. At the end of 2 weeks, we got a fantastic result. Our dog is much more confident when she is off leash and when training, knows exactly what is required of her and she is much less anxious all-around. In fact, on the day we picked her up, we took Stella to a playground with children and other dogs and she was 100% fine. A few things to note:
-You get what you pay for. Bill is not cheap, and he is worth every penny. If you think you might need this training and are worried about cost, I urge you to divide the number of days you expect your dog to live by the amount of dollars you will spend on this. It comes out to a pretty solid deal.
-This is not a quick fix. Yes, he teaches your you dog (and you!) everything you need to know, but you need to devote time after the training to continue to work with your dog – and you should! Your bond with your dog will only grow because of it.
-Bill takes his lifetime guarantee very seriously. We have already texted him several times with questions and his responses are always prompt, professional, and to the point.
In short, excellent service, excellent company. Couldn’t be happier.

Elaine Webb Fee
Sammy my Neapolitan mastiff was out of control, he would ignore me, WAS aggressive towards other dogs, when I took him to Bill he tried to bite me when I touched his collar. At that point I thought he was going to tell us No he could not train him. Well He just told us he would keep in touch, two days into training we got a text saying things are going slow, 2 days after that he sent a video with Sammy following his demands, I was happy. He continued for two weeks, I want everyone to know this Man is amazing, Sammy passed his training and I could not have asked for more. Sammy is no longer aggressive towards our other dog, and he waits for a commands. If you need help with any part of the training Bill will continue to help and advise you. God Bless Thanks again

Alexandra Dzikowski
My husband and I made the decision to bring our 5 month German Shepherd (REDD) to Bill because he was biting and not listening to us. Redd completed his Basic and Advanced training and its like Reds has a new purpose. We are so thankful for Bill and his knowledge, and the funny jokes and teasing.

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